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Mar 11
The Best of CampusConnex

Category: Management, Newsletters, Technology

Our Entrata Student team had a great time in Orlando in February with NAA’s student housing conference. Here are a few of our favorite takeaways:

Mar 11
Streamlining the Marketing Funnel

Category: Newsletters

Leads are the lifeblood of a community’s success. Without them, there would be no leases and our beautiful apartment communities would sit mostly empty. Nobody likes that idea. But if not managed properly, fewer of these cherished commodities will actually convert to leases. Many financial resources are dedicated to lead generation, but naturally, leads don’t…
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Feb 14
How Customer Acquisition has Changed

Category: Marketing

Car dealerships no longer rely on full-page newspaper ads. Department stores are using snail-mail campaigns less and less. Name the industry, and odds are that the way they attract customers has significantly changed in the digital age. The apartment industry is certainly no different, as renter preferences seem to evolve on a monthly basis. That…
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Feb 8
Best Practices for Managing Change

Category: Management, Newsletters

The only thing more constant than evolution of technology is change. Many companies are slow to embrace change, refuse to modify at all or are simply bad at changing. But the way a company manages change – whether it’s the implementation of new technology, the addition of new leadership or employee turnover – can impact…
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Jan 31
Future Challenges and Opportunities in the Ever-Shifting Apartment World

Category: Technology

If there is one constant in the apartment world, it’s that renter preferences and expectations continually evolve. But it has never happened at such an accelerated pace as in the current climate. Those preferences and expectations seem to shift as quickly as technological advancements, which is fitting considering many of those renter cravings and demands…
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Jan 8
Base Camp Keynote: The Iron Cowboy

Category: Base Camp, Newsletters

The first time James Lawrence set a record, he says, it was an accident. In 2011 he completed more half-Ironman-distance triathlons in a single year than anyone ever had before. Then in 2012, he set the record for full-distance Ironman races. You’d think he would be satisfied with these very impressive accomplishments. But rather than…
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Jan 4
Difficult Conversations Less Challenging With Preemptive Measures

Category: Residents

It’s inevitable. Whether the community you manage is affordable or Class A-plus to the max, residents are never going to be eternally happy. No matter how dreamy your amenities or robust your service levels, the occasional difficult conversation is unavoidable. Sometimes the resident is upset about a renewal increase or the racket caused by an…
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Dec 10
Are Catastrophic Failures Worse Than Ordinary Ones?

Category: Newsletters, Residents

Avoiding disastrous mistakes is a primary objective for any onsite team. But there is a more-subtle concept that can help keep residents in the building: consistency. Companies across all industries generally think that a catastrophic failure is the No. 1 way to lose customers. In actuality, a series of small customer-service failures has more power…
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Dec 10
Introducing Message Center Template Library

Category: Leasing, Newsletters, Residents

Entrata’s Message Center lets properties communicate easily and efficiently with residents and prospects through branded and scheduled messaging. And now, with Message Center’s new template libraries with user permissions, we’re offering even better control to help promote brand consistency and empower site-level teams to communicate more effectively. Communication is vital, and Message Center is a…
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Nov 2
Using Automated Communications to Make Leasing Easier

Category: Leasing, Newsletters

Sometimes the leasing process is smooth and uninterrupted. And every now and then, the drive through rush-hour traffic is surprisingly smooth, a political conversation is cordial and well mannered and a root canal goes pleasantly well. But most of the time, the leasing process takes a few unexpected turns and seldom follows a blueprint. You’re…
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