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Aug 25
SiteTablet Sneak Peek: Webinar Recap

Category: Technology, Webinars

This week the Entrata team hosted a webinar to discuss upcoming changes to SiteTablet. Joshua Renberg from Entrata gave a first look at the new interface and discussed how the changes will help properties to lease more efficiently with tablets. Also participating in the webinar were Aaron Kurek from Greystar and Nick Mitchell from Alliance…
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Aug 18
Late-Summer Back-to-School Crunch? Let Technology Help

Category: Leasing, Management, Marketing, Technology

Late August not only signifies that summer is winding down. For a certain sector of the apartment industry, it means crunch time. For any student housing communities – or traditional communities that receive a fair amount of student traffic – late August can be as hectic as the holidays for retail vendors. But as each…
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Aug 9
The Platform Question: To Bundle or Not to Bundle

Category: Management, Newsletters, Summit

When building a technology system to support your business, one size never fits all. Whether you’re considering a single-provider platform or working with multiple providers to integrate software systems, there are a number of considerations to take into account. At Entrata, we’ve grown our platform in such a way that gives us a unique perspective…
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Aug 9
Win Over Applicants with UX

Category: Leasing, Newsletters, Summit

Your team works overtime to make sure that every prospective renter who visits your property has a positive experience. Are you working as hard to create a positive experience for visitors to your websites? A little attention to the right details can help turn visitors into applicants, and applicants into residents.

Aug 5
The Role of Technology in Increasing Asset Value

Category: Management, Technology

Traditionally, asset value of a community has almost solely been driven by market dynamics in a particular location. The asset is more valuable, naturally, if it’s located in an improving neighborhood and has an amenity package that separates it from the competition.

Jul 28
What Utility Companies Aren’t Telling You: Webinar Recap

Category: Webinars

This week the Entrata team hosted a webinar to discuss ideas for improving utility billing at properties. The webinar explained how properties can reduce the cost of processing utility invoices by up to 75% using a third party provider. Eric Bjornn, Director of ResidentUtility at Entrata, and Chandler Smoot, Product Manager of Utility Expense Management…
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Jul 28
What the Values Mean to Me

Category: Values

Mika McIntosh, RentSauce Editor   Entrata has done a lot with the values over the years – we’ve written about them directly, written about those who live the values, created the values committee and also dedicated a whole week every year to the values. We wouldn’t have the same work culture at Entrata without the…
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Jul 18
ResidentUtility™: Win-Win Utility Expense Management

Category: Newsletters, Residents

Across the country every month 40 million renter-occupied households are being billed for utility usage. While there are many billing scenarios (billing direct to residents, bill & collect, metered and RUBS billing options, etc.) the one true constant is that the utility provider nearly always gets their money. But are they getting some of your…
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Jul 18
Reacting to Disruptive Technology Like a Techprenuer

Category: RentSauce, Services

There isn’t an industry in the world that’s immune to the disruptive technology trend – even multifamily. Yes, even the industry that has been labeled behind the times by publications such as TechCrunch is susceptible to game-changing disruption. Sharing economy services like Airbnb are already threatening to disrupt the way business has always been done…
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Jul 5
Your Multifamily Cyber Security Playbook

Category: Newsletters

Cyber intrusions are on the rise and becoming more sophisticated. Unfortunately, the multifamily industry is not immune.